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A story whose time has come
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A story filled with wonder and curiousity                MAGICAL    

Beautifully illustrated 

“Beautifully illustrated and at long last a book that addresses spiritual issues at a child’s level.” 

Anne Hayes  Year 3 Teacher   St Martin’s, Carina, Brisbane.

“If every child had a copy of this book, I think we would be a lot closer to a world of understanding, harmony and peace. It’s message is so gentle and so empowering for the little ones.”  

Annette Fuller

A Story of Wonder is an essential learning tool for children. Beautifully illustrated, this magical children’s book captures and satisfies the imagination of both children and adults.

This is a richly spiritual story for children, facilitating discussion and contemplation about life and nature, encouraging children to become aware and comfortable with self as a spiritual being

This book is an absolute joy to read. I would recommend this book to anyone with children. It also makes a perfect gift

J Grima
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